Club Announcements

Please remember that seating is NOT allowed on the shooting line. This is contrary to Archery GB rules of shooting. Anyone found to be positioning seating on the shooting line will be liable to sanctions from the club, with POSSIBLE EXPULSION from the club

Please Remember  - it is every individuals responsibility to ensure that, if you are the last person to leave the field, you ensure all equipment is put away (apart from the 1 permanent boss we are allowed to leave on the field) and all containers are locked.  

(If you are unsure of the correct procedure for locking the containers, ask another member to show you, or contact a Committee member (see the committee page, or the back of your membership card).     

Please note that due to the nature of our Club, both Senior and Junior archers may be in attendance at the field and during the Indoor season. Can all members therefore be mindful that conduct should be appropriate to those you are shooting with or around and inappropriate language will not be tolerated if juniors being present